Team Expert1 Software “Important News” & Test Mode *Updated*

Oh dear Oh dear it seems Team has “done a President” and the software / firmware for the Expert1 has some issues. On CRT 2000 you can use FUNC + P6 to allow band change in export mode but the Team seems not to have this function which implies different firmware. Meaning rU is that! Can’t change, can’t run software in expanded mode

And when you try to program in export mode it comes up in the most amazing bullshit of English. It says along the lines of software can’t work out of limits and enter mutually the radio. So in export Mode no beep programming, no channel edit, nothing. €29.90 for CB mode software. 

So you need keep cb mode to use the software. But my question is this? If you cut the wire etc you get 25.6-30.1 but they sell a Ham Version too. So is it another firmware that is 28.0-29.6 or another modification within the radio?

Test Mode:

For those who want to break the radio then press FUNC + P4 while turn on and you’ll get TEST MODE and various destruction options.

I don’t recommend you play here, just was asked did it exist and yes it does.

The questions are:

Ham Version Is it Different radio and firmware?

Is the software different sorts to allow any options?

(It’s the only software and needs spelling checked when try use it in export words are useless in English language and mean nothing)

Program has a “password” does this allow the software to work in expanded mode?

(Software supplied with no password so it’s for dealer or reseller to add password)

In conclusion 

Team has different firmware. Seems to have different options (less)

For an old pirate it’s better in CB mode than expanded mode and that’s something really sad indeed.

Already now seen double figure Team Expert1 used for sale on eBay with the users either fed up, bored with the purchase or selling to fund a CRT-2000 with all the options available.

As of today, better buy is the CRT-2000 as they’ve been genuine and left all the goodies inside

Expert1 and CRT 2000 are identical hardware, it’s the firmware that is the sole difference. Team, for the next series get the software changed and leave it as the people wanted and not as it is left now please!

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One thought on “Team Expert1 Software “Important News” & Test Mode *Updated*

  1. Hi Simon I to just managed to hook up my crt2000 to pc last night 12/11/16 and it could be me as I am not to good with pc’s and conclusion is that on the crt2000 all this did allow me to do was access and open Rodger bleeps 6 to 8 .but as it was a old friend from my cb past who hered my plight via the radio that i had no pc to hook up to radio ,resulted In a very long night catching up over the last 25 years or so .for all other bits n Bob’s in radio imho you do not need the software as it can all be done from I do not know if it is just me and lack of know how, but I was not impressed.still love radio and fact ,found out split vfo function ,which I thought was fix at only 100 kHz + or – is actually 5 kHz to 1 mhz.73’s de scott


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