Christmas Competition 2016

So I’m asked and others who contribute to this blog “What’s The Christmas Competition” Good Question and currently the answer is no competition planned at the moment. I don’t honestly know what to offer, so if any reseller wants to donate anything please contact me via mail for those who know it, or directly via the contact form

So many complained about nothing good in 2016 on the market so ultimately if I buy something and offer it then people won’t like it based on what comments are on forums these days.  So if any company out in the land of radio can offer a radio, or an antenna, or a microphone or a linear or anything at all then let me know.

When, if something is decided of course it will be here on the block with the relevant thanks quickly.

Actually we’ve prize 1 already resolved thanks to Roy on eBay as nocando01 

Who or what can be prize 2?

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