Blog Hits 2,000,000

Most of the influential radio companies and factories trust me with information that keeps the blog busy and up to date. In only this year 2016 we’ve surpassed 820,000 hits and since it’s real inception in 2014 the blog has now reached a huge milestone of 2,000,000 individual hits.

Of course I can name people that have helped, shared information and indeed are the very best sources to find information from. However I’ll not break the trust showed to me. So thank you to everyone that’s shared news, to the readers, those who share years of knowledge such as Mrs & Mrs S, Kip Sullivan, North, Rob PE9PE, Markus Neuner, Henning Gajek, Stephen H, Bert, Mark and the very many that keeps the blog filled with news and views.

2017: We will see, the initial plan was delete the blog and close down. I hope to be part of some radio projects and would like time again on air which has really been taken away with the blog and emails surrounding it. Walking into the sunset was the plan and its already announced to friends. But I’ll take another few months and see how I feel and how it is possible to get more news, be copied more, find out the news, the good, the bad and the ugly and share it here.

Till then let’s see what happens going onwards.

Till then thanks to all companies and friends from A-Z for sharing everything with me

How the blog has advanced during the years pictured above

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