Lescomm Enhanced Galaxy DX86v

Thanks to Sebastian, what a star and thanks for sharing the video of the DX86v. He must have known all the mails that have landed here asking about the new family of DX radios from Galaxy. Seb I’m endebted to you and thanks so much for sharing the information with me

I’m a no BS sort of guy and congrats on the three band conversion. Would have been nice if it could have got to 26.065 but that’s another story

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  1. 26.065 etc..fairly easy to re-program the diode matix board to get that band (or any other “export band” )
    not a big deal to a tech …i am sure one of the eprom lovers will have 8 bands in it before end of year (god knows where they would mount the switch )
    personally its fine the way it is


    • MC145106 wasn’t that used in the old MK2 Cobra 148 GTL-DX so can be easily played with I guess. Would have been nice if could have worked 26065-28305 but it’s good start I guess


    • yes..used in most older exports superstar/galaxy/jpoix/etc etc etc will easy do that coverage and some the 99910 board looks to be a condensed version of the 3600 series board at least based on it in some part
      the matix board will have the +10khz for the alfra channels on it they just left out the plug and wires for it in that radio..like he said the rodger beep is there just not connected


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