Team Expert1 T_UP-36_SetO

Oh boy! So like some of the Avanti software, Anytone software it appears that Klaus the HF-Doktor has found somewhere the SetO software which allows edit, programming and all related issues in all the norms it seems. Don’t ask me! I know nothing at all about it. He debut it on earlier.

So hope that all the people that have asked me now will look below and see there is something out there. But will it ever cometo us the users this I can’t tell as don’t know. So the software does exist, and I’ve seen just the same as you’ve seen. But is it needed? Export Mode is that and CB mode is that. My advice is buy the radio and use it! Too much time is spent on funny stuff and not enough time on microphone keying and chatting!!

Photos:(c) Klaus HF-Doktor

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