Team Expert1 “More Talk & Perfect Reasoning”

Today a lot more emails about the Team and it’s worthless software came in from Germany. And Markus from “Neuner” has in my opinion come up with the most excellent answer and indeed it hits the nail on the head. Below is his thoughts and translated in English and my thoughts about the real “software called T-UP36/2” that the dealers all have to themselves.

Team is in Germany and here the regulations are super tight and the Bnetz (Bundesnetzagentur) monitor everything. So why would you have software and all the goodies in a legal multi norm radio?

A section of Markus words (But in English here)

“The team is so bad because it is legal and also the software only the legal operation

Supported (exactly as it must be, if you as a manufacturer / importer no trouble

With which BNetzA wants to have by the way).”

Story closed here. Absolutely correct reason, and who knows how different the Ham version will be and what that can do in the end too

But if you want a big gun eBay version of the Team: tel:122223590271 €149.99

And I did ask. Hardware is identical from Team to CRT version. I’ve been sent emails from users for the “full PC program” or the software II as it was called. From my understanding it does not exist? Sure maybe will exist a 10m version of software for the fabled 10m Expert1. But in the meantime I’ve not got it, not heard of it and don’t know if T-UP36/2 is anything more than bullshit and fake dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Team Expert1 “More Talk & Perfect Reasoning”

  1. I have the KT-7900 (Ham version) on order, direct from China. I suspect that it will work with CHIRP and my KT-8900 cable will work fine. I’ll let you know when it arrives. It cost me £70 including shipping.


  2. Like most new radio products Si,there’s a settling down period and depending on what area of world radio is being used and how strict regulation is in country.
    Give it another 6-12 months on full productions runs and software\firmware will settle down.
    Just a shame they still wont allow flash updates on radios,its common practise in commercial radio field,maybe this will change too.


    RP Comms


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