Statti CB Craiova Introduces The Avanti Morini

My thanks to the great guys at CB Craiova in Romania for posting the news on the new little lady that arrived today. As we know Romania is the sole EU country to have the H version of the Apollo II. There are two versions, or will be of the Avanti Morini 12/24v

What we know is that in export the versions will be 4-8-15w and then the 4-25-40w or similar depending on menu settings and what Avanti have decided with QX. Outside EU the sole supplier of the H version will be the Stryker SR-94HPc. So if you need high power then you know where to look for it.

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8 thoughts on “Statti CB Craiova Introduces The Avanti Morini

  1. With the added extra RF power,I can see the market for shorter cb antenna’s becoming popular choice to make up the losses of reduced length of cb antenna for practical reasons when using this set on High power mode.The receiver gain will only reduce very little,and hardly be noticed especially with these new sets,the rx gain is well up on par.
    Im looking forward to getting one of these high power version’s beauties when available,as I cannot run a long cb antenna on company car,but can have a 2-way radio so compromised system using this set may help generate more users to install radios?
    If there’s one thing I would have like on these sets is a remote head separation kit and the blue tooth option to route in cars handsfree system.


    RP Comms UK


  2. and been looking a smaller every day antenna to as I have to remove the 4000hp on the car as the wife like shopping at asda and you have to drive under the shop to get to the car park and looking at president Missouri antenna and a sirio 800hp both good antennas and less then 4ft long as I will have 5ft spare so I can leave them on


  3. thank you Simon for the reply , I would just keep it eu norms as I have no need for them other freqs as if I want to dx and use them other freqs I will use my crt ss9900. and it was only for every day use in the car


    • Should be all EU norms, but like with all when modified to rU 25-30Mhz then you’d loose the UK .125 ending and would need just 27.600 27.780 etc in export. Like using a 148GTL-DX and moving the KC shift


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