Team Expert1 Gave Me Liberty

The talk has been whether the cordless microphone by President will work on the new Team Expert1 and CRT 2000. Well the answer depends on your adapter cable. If you use an RJ-45 which has the power on pin enabled and same power on the 6 pin socket yes it works.

I have a microphone adapter with power from the radio and to the pin on the 6 pin socket and the base of Liberty lights up, microphone connects and the audio is fine. However no audio comes via the microphone so you need to add the adapter 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable that comes with all Liberty mikes to the extension speaker socket on the radio, other end to base of the liberty audio comes from the microphone and away you go.

So Liberty can be used, just depends how your adapter is made and wired. I’ll try and get a video on YouTube soon but when I tested it last night late was not possible to make the video

So check with your dealer whether your adapter delivers power from the radio to the six pin mike socket on the adapter

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