Barrett 4050 SDR HF Transceiver

Thank you to Paweł for the link and information to another new SDR (Software Defined Radio) and seems that this one will work shall we say in areas where some will not. Looks an interesting device and we will link it to an article I’ve found. Thanks Paweł for contacting us

>> Software-Defined Architecture 

>> High Resolution Touch Screen Control 

>> IP Network Connectivity 

>> Multi-Language Menu 

>> Enhanced DSP Noise Reduction The new digital signal processor (DSP) provides clear intelligible voice communications on analogue circuits through the digital removal of background noise and interference. The standard DSP noise reduction system provides outstanding voice quality by reducing radio frequency interference, and the effects of electrical interference by enhancing audio signals to provide easier listening.

>> Secure Digital Voice 

>> Advanced Frequency Hopping (optional) 

>> Advanced Calling Features 

>> Automatic Link Establishment 

>> Data Modems 

>> Integrated GPS Interface 

>> Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Applications

Link to PDF:

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