Surecom KT-7900d “Dual Band” Transceiver $95

409 Shop in Hong Kong emailed to say that they are selling the KT-7900d for a limited time at $95 which is a saving on the normal $105 but of course this excludes shipping and any import duties you’d need to pay to bring it into the EU or any other countries of course

1 x SURECOM KT-7900D colour display 136-174 and 400-480MHz Mini Mobile Radio Transceiver 

1 x Microphone

1 x Car Power Cable

1 x Fuse

1 x Mounting bracket

1 x Screw

1 x User”s Manual

 I also understand it’s passed ETSI EN 300 086 tests and the radio is in fact “Good to go” I thought as the display shows the radio was 4 band, but maybe you can only select 2 of the four? I’m not sure…


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