Coming Soon! Stryker SR-A10 Magnetic Antenna

One of the best working antennas tested in 2016 was the Stryker SR-A10 centre loaded antenna. I myself managed Czech Republic to Nova Scotia Canada in August with 30watts. Low wind noise when car in motion, sensitive for receive. And now coming soon it comes as a magnetic antenna

And Stryker themselves say!

Coming Soon !!!

SR-A10 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna….
3x Magnetic Strenght,
RG-8X standard coaxial cable, 

10000 watts of power,

Double Wall coil cover, 


2 years of warranty.

Keep an eye on:

Looks one sexy antenna! Well Done Stryker…. Let us hope they sell in the EU!!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Coming Soon! Stryker SR-A10 Magnetic Antenna

    • Both are well made, both are wide band coverage (Stryker I guess)
      I found centre loaded SR-A10 harder on car when driving
      Not seen this new version as it appears “comes soon”
      Guess “Texas” wins as EU sold & manufactured. And no guarantees we will be able to get this Stryker antenna as who knows who’ll import it?


    • A big thumbs up here for the President Texas and Colorado Antennas,very good bandwidth And superb performance that Won’t disappoint.


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