Used Icom IC-756 Pro3 £1099 & More…

Nevadaradio has popped up with a few more offers online and amongst these are the above Icom, FT-450d for £549.95 and the last units of the V3 Lincoln II for £199.99 I’ve already received emails about the Alinco DR-135UK which is advertised for £129.95 

I was told “if they can sell for £129.95 then they can be sold for £89.99 it’s real worth” Well it isn’t for you obviously! If you were in business you’d fail as need to make money and not loose it! And how do you know it’s real worth..

Offers are limited so take a look at them all:

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4 thoughts on “Used Icom IC-756 Pro3 £1099 & More…

  1. That is a fair point, but the radio has been out for a while now and I am sure most of the people who wanted one will already have one. The CRE-8900 version has also been for sale at another well known supplier for £131 all in for quite a while now.


    • Yes that’s sure too been out long time. Me, I don’t know it’s just a guess. But your right I think those who want have got. Plus I’ve known some who’ve got it for £99 and never used and when sold they got £45-£70 back.

      Guess we will never know really what’s the reason…


    • Sure but the pound dropped against yen and other currencies in meantime so guess was impossible to make it same or less price as pays 15% minimum more now with currency changes


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