Alinco DM-30G Power Supply

Maas Elektronik has recently released details of a new Alinco power supply that comes soon to market. The unit will retail around €129 and comes complete with variable voltage and Anderson pole lines. Below is a photograph plus link to the original Maas information

And for the full information and specification of the power supply:

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One thought on “Alinco DM-30G Power Supply

  1. Don’t like the look of this PSU. looks rather cheaply built, plus it is only a constant 20A supply, not enough for a 100W radio which generally use 22/23A. It is available in the UK now for £89.95.

    A comparable unit, which I have, is this one, which is Nevada branded Alinco and a constant 25A.

    I was lucky enough to get one last year on Black Friday for £50. I have this and a linear supply and it does not create any RF noise by comparison and is well built. Unless digital display is a must, I would always go for this unit at £79.95.


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