Midland CT-690 VHF/UHF Radio January €129

So we’ve shown this radio some weeks ago and I’ve been emailed about the price. Now within the past few days I’ve got hold of a guideline price of the radio and that will be €129 and the colours yellow, red and black will be available. Below is a little more information and manual.

The most important is what the radio can do, follow the link and you’ll get the manual

Full Manual: http://tinyurl.com/gvpyhev

Quick a Look Manual: http://tinyurl.com/hwsdyjp

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5 thoughts on “Midland CT-690 VHF/UHF Radio January €129

  1. As Delboy says, way over priced. A UV-5R with a Midland badge on it, which you could get for £25 without the badge. Just shows how the CB outlets are trying to rip the customer off. Just like a President Anytone at double the price.


    • Lets get our facts right – its Midland (who’s badge is on the radio) that set the selling price NOT the us the retailers! Actually Nevada are selling it for £99.95 – still way more expensive than the Chinese – I agree!


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