President Andy & Barry First Look On Video And Inside Photos Exclusive Shots 

President have been super busy on the run up to Christmas. One new AM/SSB radio that we’ve already looked at with still more to come and now they’ve released two new multi-norm radios for Europe. These have the names of Barry FM and Andy AM/FM. These radios as you see initially look very Teddy’esque by front panel but under the cover hides an all new design, 12/24v technology so can be used Truck and car. Plus talkback is included which is an excellent feature for those wanting to test there audio. Great to see on the radio. Otherwise the patented ASC is onboard, its 6 pin mike has voltage so can work on the liberty microphone which is useful when mobile as it’s a noise cancelling microphone. Roger Bleep, switchable key bleep which for people like me is indeed one of the most important features of all. I don’t see any writing around so guess no murata inside (not confirmed yes or no)

If the budget market for CB radios start let’s say at around €49 for a radio as a guide then these look high end budget if such a word exists of course. By this I mean detachable mike, ASC, dual voltage etc. And on the box you see these are Made in China which is where it was before Vietnam. Dimensions are good so fits again almost anywhere with dimensions of height 45mm the width 125mm and depth 175mm so interesting stuff indeed. Yes I know it has the wire and jumper but you gain nothing really so keep a warranty as it’s long time valid. More important news are the norms that comes provided inside the radios themselves. 

Barry FM: UK&EU (only in FM), EC, PL, D,EU, IN 

Below is a shot of the inside of the Barry FM

Andy AM/FM: UK&EU (AM & FM), EU, PL, EC, IN, d  

And below the inside of Andy

For us men my advice is read the manual due to the radio being small with not many buttons it also utilises the switch on and press buttons or PTT button (not Pedal as the manual states) it’s PTT control. These features include key bleep, the roger bleep and talkback. So read the manual it’s the only way to succeed.

UK Guys: Many emailed me and asked me tell President that “In UK we have AM/FM so just FM is useless” Yes I can do it of course, however FM is legal in some other countries and not AM. So you need different radios. Don’t overwork that everything is for you. Your lucky you’ve got AM/FM/SSB some other countries are far less fortunate. But I will tell them, and you also know the answer too. 

The two radios you see here are pre-release so I can’t tell you the retail price as I don’t know plus it’s country specific based on taxes and all other matters so don’t ask me. I’m going to try and look at the first dealer and then I’ll be back in another post with the price and hope that is ok for you.

Thanks are to Groupe President Electronics in France who allowed me to have a look, take the photos of the radio at the time or just before the time of release. It’s with their kindness and permission the inside shots are so quickly shown here.

More videos and hopefully more QSO shown with audio and signal comments. There will of course be more in depth user reviews than mine. I take a quick look then use to form my opinion. The videos are as is and for those who like me want to have a quick look before the long road of testing begins.

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