“Exclusive” President Himalaya WB “Out Now”

First came the Black Pirate to be followed later by the Himalaya. Now it’s a reset and the Himalaya will now come wideband. The antenna works easily 10-11-12m and I’ve tested it on 15 metres with an ATU and worked fine, but of course it’s primarily for the above bands

It’s working with no radials, no tuning and as you see above it’s got the shell from a Texas 1800 Power on the bottom. Power rating is fine with 2kw PEP but it’s the bandwidth that is really the key. I’ve tested it from 25.0 till 29.0 and the SWR was just great. It’s got better bandwidth than my Antron99 and previous Himalaya. The antenna has a texture not just paint, you can feel it to the touch and it’s more robust than the previous one. Simple to install and with its height only 5.2 metres ( 17ft ) it fits easily at my QTH.

Friends of mine know I live in QRM hell. Now at Christmas next to a shopping centre here in Vecses last year and this on the A99 QRM was anything from S3-S8 and with the Himalaya WB the QRM is now currently S2-S3  so it’s a bonus during “Alfa Tango Santa Contest” so ultra helpful really.

Pop back soon for some videos on this new antenna. In store now remember. Back Soon….

1/2 wave fiber / graphite 

 1.15/1 pre-adjusted

 +8 dBi 

 2000 W PEP

8000 Khz (800 ch)

 2 kg 5270 mm

On video I say Himalaya, its with this antenna the Barry, Andy, CRT etc tested with

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  1. Was this a rush job Simon?

    8dbi 2000w

    PEP 8000KHz

    Jokes aside, I’ll be interested to hear production model feedback, as I like to use a vertical for 10/11/12/15 and I fancy a change from the Astroplane.


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