President Himalaya WB £99.95

A promise is a promise and now the price is announced from NevadaRadio then it’s time to add it here with the cost. A video from myself will be uploaded during the holiday season as currently it being -5c and not so light the camera will not make good enough quality so I need to wait

As we know the name WB means Wide Band and the antenna easily covers 12-11-10m with low SWR.

 Type :- 1/2 wave

Construction :- fibreglass / graphite

 SWR :- 1.15/1 pre-adjusted

 Gain :- +8 dBi

 Power Handling :- 2000 W PEP

 Frequency :-8000 Khz (800 ch)

 Weight :- 2 kg

 Length :- 5270 mm

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Photo: (c) NevadaRadio

Thank you to Simon C via Facebook for the alert on the price

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