President Andy & Barry ASC Are Priced @Avera Netherlands 

Below are the first prices that I’ve seen for the two recently released radios and remember that the company that listed them is a wholesaler so I’m not sure how good or how current the prices are. I think are too high but I know nothing, so take the details with pinch of salt in the meantime 

As I say I am not sure about these prices but I’ll add them to stop the messages landing in my box asking me.

President Andy ASC / €184 Link:

President Barry FM ASC €98 Link:

But better please to check out NevadaRadio, Radiozing, Truckerswereld, Neuner, Konektor5000 and others who are retail stores and not dealer only as there could be a difference in the pricing structure. And please note it states origin Vietnam where it is infact China.
Remember these are prices from a B2B (Business 2 Business) and we need wait more news about this in forthcoming days and weeks.

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