Anytone Apollo II @Funktechnik Bielefeld

News in today via Facebook is Funktechnik Bielefeld has the Anytone Apollo II available now for €129 which is the same version (firmware can differ) to the released Team Expert1 and CRT-2000. Below is the photo, the link and the details so click “read more” to find out

As has been said previously we know all the information about it so here is the direct link to the article:

Photos: (c) Funktechnik Bielefeld

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One thought on “Anytone Apollo II @Funktechnik Bielefeld

  1. Got the Amateur radio version this week, after the first supplier letting me down. I have to say the KT-7900D is good and a nice upgrade to my KT-8900.

    If the 11m is as good as the Ham version, it will be a decent radio. Even better if they added SSB and made it 25w like the Ham version.


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