President Himalaya WB £94.50 Before 16/1/17 Knights

Thank you very much Mark DrAwesome whose dropped me an email that Knights have a discount on the soon to be released Himalaya WB. And what can be better in the New Year than a little bit of discount when times are hard after a busy December. Details are below

The deal is that the antenna needs to be ordered before the 16th January 2017. Link is below with the details:

I’ve received some messages “It’s just a 1/2 wave antenna” How many simple 1/2 waves work from 25-30Mhz low SWR I think not many, if any. But the same Know it alls who actually know it nothing lay claim about something they’ve seen let alone owned.

CB, the hobby when people who don’t own, don’t use, don’t know are fountains of knowledge…
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