President McKinley USA Channel Modifications Or Not!

Since the release of the McKinley USA I’ve received many emails about microphone adapters and modifications. So to finally I guess end speculation I’ve got some good news and as well as this I’ve also got some bad news. Both sets of information are after down below

Microphone Adapters: Check the archive and you’ll find resellers. They are selling the same adapters that come with the Uniden 980SSB etc. Maybe use the rebate partly to get the adapter. Use search on blog and you’ll find it.

Extra Channels: The radio being FCC approved and a CB not amateur radio is locked tight to 26.965-27.405 AM/USB/LSB. If you buy it expecting more then you’ll be disappointed as it’s not inside. No resistor, no jumpers, nothing. It’s 40 channel only.

That’s it.. You asked, that’s the answers

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