Stryker SR-447HPC2 “EU Norms”

Lots of messages from people that Stryker radios don’t actually have EU Norms inside them like the UK channels, German etc and need to be fully expanded to make them work. Let me show you here that Stryker have embraced multi-norm radios with the 447HPC2

The conversation was a long time ago with Stryker about adding EU Norms to some of the radios and indeed the possibility for revisions in firmware or radios along the line to add UK to the export bands. Below you will see for the first time ever anywhere a Stryker that can run all the EU Norms, plus NZ for New Zealand and also US (40 channels AM) so sit back and watch the video


Flexibility and Adaptation. Small line, meaning not lots of models and the ability to change. So EU Norms are possible now with Stryker. And who knows maybe more models will come with this down the line? So please next time guys before you mail me think about it and be sure your words were true. This case they were wrong, very wrong..

Video sometimes need copy/paste in browser. Reason unknown currently

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