Barry & Andy At Truckerswereld

Finally a price other than from one dealer is up on a website. Ronald from Truckerswereld “will” be stocking both the President Andy & Barry ASC. Both will come to market during January and are rumoured online to have many interesting things inside? That’s what I was told. And it’s the first President to be Made by President! So lots of interesting stuff for 2017

So to the cost of these radios. First off we will look at the Barry. This version of Barry is FM only although could be comes another? Just rumour on CB grapevine

Link: Price €88.95

Link: Price €182.95

They aren’t cheap! I know this, and yes I know many of you told me this via email too! I’m asked if I rU tested? Yes, low mid hi and 0/5 I can tell you as you’d expect from President. But as a reforming rU mode guy if you need low channels use DE as starts at 27.565 and if need high channels use UK as starts 27.60125 and if need 0’s use band PL and keep intact the warranty because you never know when you’ll need it!!

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7 thoughts on “Barry & Andy At Truckerswereld

  1. Thought about to buy a Barry, because I like design. Wanted to use it as a UK-DX indicator.
    But now I see there is no Scan funktion. A bit disappointed…


    • In CB we are lucky. There are radios for every pocket, different features, different modes etc. I agree price is high but also agree everyone can choose a radio to suit the needs they have. We will all see down the line what happens I guess


  2. Looks like these radios are basically THE SAME radio but the ANDY has a few extra surface mount components to make it AM/FM… and costs 100 EUROS more!!!! A more realistic price for the ANDY would be 99 Euros as there is no way that the extra components are worth 100 EUROS! (Unless I’m missing something here?)


    • Absolutely Agree. Internally the FM only has less components than the AM/FM. RU mode the same. Price isn’t my battle but I’d thought €89 and €109 more people would like. Channel plan the same

      *when I say the same, obviously Barry has no AM so not identical*


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