Andy & Barry At Knights

Thank you Darren for the email and Knights news. I hope I’ve managed to answer your email with the replies you wanted about the Himalaya WB? So late January the first prices are online but guess we can wait and see heavy hitters like NevadaRadio and others join the pricing game soon

Many have asked me about the price and I’ll report the same answer as I do via email. CB is a hobby where you can spend £30 as easily as £350 so we all have something whether radio, amplifier or antenna that we can afford. New or old, secondhand or whatever there is a market.

Link Andy:

Link Barry:

Don’t like prices then don’t buy it! Like all with CB radio time will tell..

And soon online here win an Andy. Just send name and email.. The radio is here and competition comes soon when I’ve time to sort it, plus win a Sirio antenna.. Just needs time

More later…

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