DSP In A CB Radio

It never goes away the thought that a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) could be found soon inside a CB radio and news overnight comes as no shock that one company is now in the process of starting a test. And it’s not one of the big resellers which is where the surprise is.

So far they’ve gave permission via email to announce the intention to test it. They’ve told me it isn’t a “deal breaker” cost wise to add it and now just wait! That’s it you all now know the same as me.

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  1. i have been testing a remote controlled dsp unit for a company for the last year ..yes one of the main cb manufacturers ..it can be fitted to any cb radio (or ham radio) and is remote controlled via a key fob ..other than that i cant tell you anything else and not allowed to show pics of the unit


  2. Would love to see a DSP in a CB or Export radio.. They sure could use one in many cases lol 🙂 Look forward to more information when it comes!


    • Hi David, indeed the unit I was told about was an export radio. They will start tests slowly and guess won’t come quickly. It’s none of the main stream sellers so money is keen and the process slow they told me earlier


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