UR6QW 8 Band Equaliser On Air

Video popped up online showing the sound from the UR6QW 8 band equaliser that caused a real stir last year and indeed still to today I get emails addressed Dear Sergei. If you need then you need search on eBay for hfvhfparts seller and you’ll find the EQ’s just waiting for you

I’m sure you’ll be able to recognise whose running the EQ equipment so I’ll not waste your time. Sit back with the video

Direct Link: http://ur6qw.16mb.com/8-band-eq/

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  1. only badly run eSSB or hifi AM stations “splatter” ..period
    eSSB does not take up any more bandwidth that your stock am signal ..in a lot of cases less
    remember here cb radio channels are 10khz apart and most essb transceivers if correctly modified are around 5 khz wide at most
    listening to eSSB on a stock receiver sounds terrible you will never get the full advantage of the fidelity but listening on a stock cb or ham transceiver ..worse with noise blanker on .

    its not just a matter of a wide filter ..there is more involved..and certainly no place for a “power mic” or speech compressor (which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve)

    the audio in the video sounded not quite right way too much emphasis on bass (a rookie mistake )
    HOWEVER…either in the receiver (in the video) being stock in audio bandwidth or I.F bandwidth not sure as the maker of the video did not explain this al thou he had a nice rack and speaker it could be connected to a stock receiver .so take my comment as what I hear not may actually be fact..
    it is unclear if the person is recording directly from the receiver recording port or via a mic..if via a mic it will explain the poor sounding audio response and thumping of the lows

    bear in mind when it was recorded (which adds compression in the process) and then up loaded (recompressed by youtube) then downloaded/viewed online (which again due to differing computers and codecs used in sound cards is recompressed) it will not sound the same as if you were there.

    as a owner of one of those 8 band eqs i was disappointed in mine..fresh from the seller two pots were very poorly soldered and not even connecting and a resistor would earth out when you touched the front panel cutting off all output audio …2 hours later was working fine
    but the seller didn’t care or reply to my comments on this..very poor
    i have since added a bypass switch (for A/B comparisons on air and a “ON” led as it is hard to tell that its on when plugged into radio without turning compression al the way up to flash the compressor led
    i have tested mine with a sweep audio gen and it preforms as advertised
    as robert mentioned a noise gate would be better and certainly than a echo control (who invented that junk) ..the w2ihy nose gate is a excellent choice if in a noisy shack (in my case blowers on amps add to my background audio)

    however as my icom i use on ham radio has stock filters the lower two band 80hz /160hz controls and the top band 3200hz controls are pretty much redundant (no effect)…your results depending on the tx filter bandwidth and audio response of your radio will vary ..dont expect much from a stock transceiver !

    next time i think the 4 band unit will be more than enough for a stock bandwidth radio
    a true eSSB transceiver has tx audio bandwidth mods done to the mic input stages to widen the frequency response or direct injected audio and the main IF filter changed to suit..to receive essb the same things have to be done tot he receive audio chain (IF filter is shared in most cb/ham transceivers on ssb).

    having 8 bands of eq or more outside the stock 300hz-2700hz range has no benefit at all

    will this be the future of ssb cb radio who knows but keep in mind the best dxers know that lots of bass in your signal gets lost in the noise..sharp clear audio always cuts thou every time .
    eSSB is great for “rag chewing” with the locals..the wow factor certainly gets them talking about it

    more on eSSB http://www.nu9n.com/intro.html



  2. hi rob you got it right the first time audio enhancement for 95% of users using the 8 band eq as above or w2ihy kit with the bonus of the noise gate to eliminate shack noise, external eq gives a few more options than the onboard eq on most radios don’t think its a bad thing its a personnel choose but there is a small % that do take it to another level changing the bandwidth wider than a barn door and countless rx tx equipment inline just to get that studio sound and causing the problems you outlined so please don’t tar everybody with the same brush most of us are just trying to maximise tone control, with what we got working within the bandwidth of our radio


  3. You see lots of audio “enhancement” equipment showing up the last decade. It is absolutely total nonsense. How much audio can you put into a narrowband FM or SSB channel. You see a lot of “extended” SSB signals now splattering like hell. We are a communicating hobby and this stuff does not belong to our hobby, It is a total waste of money and bandwidth.


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