Barry & Andy Expected February In Romania! Andy Expected January In Poland

Had some messages about when these two radios could be available in Romania and Poland. I’ve done some fishing around and the news I’ve got is from magazin statiiradio in Romania and that is it should be available in februarie-martie 2017. So I’ll link you the site to follow the information. And in Poland the Andy, model dostępny w sprzedaży od stycznia 2017 so comes along in January.

Hope that this will help you in some small way. It’s hard with radio to know exactly when something will come. Check with Dan in President Romania I’m sure he will know the latest news.



Polish Link:

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  1. Hi Simon,
    I”ve heard in Romania only Barry would be available.
    Unfortunately Andy is not for sale in Romania,and that is not very nice,for me.Andy has NB(noise blanker) and AM,Barry doesn”t.


    • Hi Andrei,
      Thank you news. I could only see things via a reseller page so wasn’t sure. Indeed could be only Barry as Romania is FM only? Is that true these days. But like all things I’m sure a way could be found to get an Andy 🙂
      Any news the blog is yours please let us know


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