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The original plan of operation was to shut down and move on with the blog at the end of 2016 as it fills  so much time and energy. 2016 was the least time I was actually hunting DX in years. Instead I was busy with other radio matters and finding news for the blog. And for the first 6 months of 2017 this will continue as many new things coming to market so if I’m not part of it then the copy paste people and those who invest nothing other than the time to moan will have Carte Blanche and this cannot be the right way ahead.

Below is a chart on how the blog has gone from a simple idea to what it is today. It’s the only one stop place for the latest news. Factories, resellers, dealers, home brew guys, CB and Amateurs alike come to “see the radio news” It’s lucky as we have key readers from companies such as Uniden, Stryker, Galaxy, Qixiang, Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Uniden Japan, Sirio, RM Amplifiers, Combai, President Electronics France, Russia, Spain, USA, Baltics, Romania, Avanti, CRT, Team Electronics, Markus Neuner, Henning Gajek, Albrecht and that is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many people whose knowledge, help, thoughts and comments make the blog better. Radio Amateur news from Rob PE9PE who knows more about amateur radio than I could ever imagine. It’s great he spends time to send news. 

The Chart:

Modifications: This area will continue but sometimes in limited form. It’s harder these days to get the “whole story” of what’s what. But I’ll try to add stuff when it’s possible. This will also include more links to software etc when I can get it.

News: The blog will continue to promote CB events as and when I get news of them. People are out making the hobby busy and hope I can feature them during 2017

So! The blog will continue hunting, searching and looking for the newest news and the best products when at all possible. The blog continues to receive information from key players in the industry and the knowledge they have can’t be thanked enough. Sometimes without the knowledge they have the blog would be blank A4 so we must thank them all. And they know who they are! 

2017 Bring it on with your equipment. We are all waiting for you… So come on!

Above you see the graph from 2013 – 2014 – 2015 and 2016 with 2017 about to start

2016: 944,421 views with 149,865 visitors

Total countries blog was viewed in: 185 countries in 2016

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  1. Please continue to make your postings because like myself new people will continue to find your blog and learn from it.


  2. Simon

    I read the blog on a weekly basis and find the information contained to be very interesting and useful.

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated, keep up the good work.

    Mark (N.Ireland)


    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for writing and Happy New Year to you. I’m trying to get the news quick and good interesting stuff but not always early. If you’ve any news anytime please feel free to use contact and send it in.

      Best Wishes


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