New Year Possible New President USA Arrivals?

Many have asked about the President Lincoln II + (28.000-29.700) and its sale in the United States well I’ve heard unofficially the wait maybe comes to an end in January or February as some units are expected to arrive in the USA. So, watch the President USA website for further details 

Also I’ve heard that the President Andy will arrive in the USA with 12/24v AM only! Possibly named “Andy USA” it’ll be 40 Channel, full FCC approved and more importantly it will carry microphone connection with 4 pins! This shows President must listen to customers opinions as this was a talking point.
So yes your 636L will fit it directly.

Yes the photo above is Andy AM/FM it’s the best I could do! Andy USA would have same orange, blue, green display, talkback, NO multi-norms and no FM. Plus microphone could be 4 pin not 6

Lastly as an update I’ve read the Himalaya WB could come mid-Year or later to the USA market as currently this new antenna is just released and selling well in Europe. Like with the Lincoln II + it all takes time. These are rumours, conversations in corridors so maybe not all exactly correct and time, things can change. 

Prices I don’t know, radio sizes etc are well documented so easy to find out online 

Keep watching the President Electronics USA website for more information and prices. The easiest way is click the link:

Above photos are from CES2017 and CBDistributing 

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2 thoughts on “New Year Possible New President USA Arrivals?

    • And President does AM well that we know! For me the best part is 4 pin mikes so drivers can use the old faithful Astatic and others like Wilson and Roadking or Workman. I wouldn’t think its on all models but for a simple Trucker radio I think what a great idea!

      Only January and:

      Lincoln + USA
      Himalaya WB
      Barry FM
      Andy AM/FM
      Andy AM USA?

      Big start to year!!


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