President McKinley USA “On Air Barefoot”

Thanks to multiple people that have contacted me about a video now online of the McKinley USA and would I feature it? Yes it’s below and for me also it’s one of the first I’ve seen with the radio “barefoot and in action” below is the video. Thanks for writing guys

As we know there is currently a promotion with $50 so it sure makes the radio more interesting to some operators. It’s a good working radio! Small, strong audio but could it come as an EU version? That’s another story for another day maybe

I was asked about this radio on Facebook recently and told the following. Currently this is the best President out there! Audio, style, size, features, sound. This is for sure the best one! Can they replicate or make an even better version for EU only Uniden and a few people know it. However this is the currently the best one. It shows Uniden can make something special, why some fails recently? But with this they hit the ball out of the park

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