Himalaya WB Installation

Over the weekend three emails arrived about the WB Himalaya. One about the excellent coverage and low SWR, one about the high SWR and another questioning about installation of the antenna on the bracket. Please look below at the paperwork and a photo (Antron99)

As you notice above the “chrome” needs to be above the end of the bracket. Mine is about 15cm above the end of bracket. I tried over the weekend in -9c with the chrome underneath the end of the bracket and SWR was lowest 2:4:1 across the 27Mhz spectrum.

Picture above shows Antron 99 not Himalaya but mounting bracket process is the same.

Other possibilities:

– The antenna has been assembled very close to a wall or close to a big

metallic area.

– The distance between the floor and the antenna is not enough. We suggest

to keep a distance more than 2,5 meters.

– The cable could has a short-circuit or could be open.

Hope that this helps a little. Remember it’s pre-tuned so no cutting the chrome cover….

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