Sierra Juliet DX Club Meeting

December was the month of the meeting of friends of the Sierra Juliet DX Group from Rybnik in Poland. For those that don’t know they started in 1994 and till this day they still monitor 26.325USB. Below is a link and a few photos from the meeting from December 2016

Now some words about themselves:

SIERRA CLUB INTERNATIONAL JULIET DX – GROUP OF POLAND is a group with an international reach was founded on January 15, 1994. to establish and spread international friendship around the world, regardless of religion, skin color, language or political convictions. The domain of our culture is the behavior of the band of 11 meters. Call channel tzw.MONITOR SJ is 26 325 USB is used for communication between all friends CB who want to make new contacts with members of your own club and other clubs DX in our country and around the world. You must also remember that we accept only those operators who are serious about working in the ether under the sign of SJ.


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