Yaesu FT-991 Update €598 / £520 To 991A @Funktechnik Bielefeld

Funktechnik Bielefeld has this evening posted the price for the hardware and work needed to attach the extras that come with the FR-991A onto the 991. The upgrade brings the following features to the 991.  Real time scope, multi colour waterfall and a few minor other matters. But the cost €598 which equates to £520

Best idea would be palm off your 991 and get an Icom 7300 but of course you loose VHF and UHF. Yaesu will sure get some flack for this on the back of a €600 microphone and promised rises to radios again during April. 

Buy today an FT-991 New €1199 + €598 for features = €1797

Buy today an FT-991A New €1525 Comes with seven display colour waterfall display 😉

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One thought on “Yaesu FT-991 Update €598 / £520 To 991A @Funktechnik Bielefeld

  1. £480 at MLS in the UK including fitting. If you’re not near them, then it is a £15 delivery each way on top.

    As you say, can’t see many people taking it up. An FT-991 sells for £650 – £750 depending on age and condition.


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