President Andy AM/FM ASC Unlocked

The emails start landing about hidden features that are within the recently released Andy. So first off remember you’ll invalidate your warranty and what for? Below is what you can expect to find when it’s unlocked. Then you decide warranty or not! Up to you.

The radio essentially is 120 channels. President call them the inferior, normal and superior channels which we the radio men call the lows, mids and hi’s. This will basically get you 26.515-27.855 both in AM and FM mode. In band d the channels start 26.565 so not much to be gained really. As you will see with long press EMG you get t5 and t0. These are the same as Grant II and signify 0/5 ending channels. Perfect for our Russian and Poland friends who use 0. And as an extra it’s got UK40 (27.601-27.991) in FM mode so in total 160 channels in unlocked version. Advice from someone old! If you need it modified ask a dealer in advance to do it as you’ll find a few extra watts and these “few” make it more powerful than recently released Team Expert1 for example.. And as an operation is needed then dealers are best placed to help you. It’ll not be online here in the immediate future, sorry. It’s just easier dealers do it for you that’s it.

As for President Barry FM Modifications? Watch this space. I’m not well now so please be patient a little.

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