President Barry FM ASC Unlocked

Following on from the video from the Andy AM/FM we are back with the video now from the Barry FM and not surprises really that it is indeed the same without the AM of course. The radio behaves the same way unlocked as the Andy. Get the dealers to do the work guys.

So the bands are A,B,C which now I can confirm are the:

C: Inferior 26515-26955

A: Normal 26965-27405

B: Superior 27415-27855

Plus of course the radio covers the UK: 2760125-27.99125 FM

Get the radio modified with your dealer if you need it and he can enable HP mode which will give you more power than the Team Expert1 and CRT2000 when used in 12v operations. But of course it can inhibit the life of your radio and all the other caveats that comes with modifying.

As I’m sick and sound like Barry White below is his video:

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