Czech & Slovak PMR DX Record Set 438KM

December DX Man month when the Czech PMR DX broke the record for the furthest contact on 446Mhz. It is set from a mountain range in the north of the republic and mountain Klinovec to Mala Fatra a mountain range in Slovakia. The distance 437km. As you see on the photo radio has additional wire around the antenna.

In between the stations was another guy active from a small hill and recorded the QSO as it took place. He was pivotal in helping as when the stations moved location as on feet the signal was of course better or worse. The station in Slovakia was an Alinco DJ-500 with an external 1/2 antenna and 1w power. The Czech side was Motorola featured above with additional wire wrapped around the fixed antenna.

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  1. Hi Simon. Thanks that you have mentioned the new Czech and Slovak PMR Record. The recordings of the connection starts at the time 5:55 in my video – call signs and QTHs of both guys were Orol Nova Dubnica /p Klak JN98HX (in Little Fatra – Mala Fatra – my distance from him 277km) and Zdenek Javorna /p Klinovec JO60LJ (in Ore Mountains – Krusne hory – my distance from him 167km). You can see their connections here (Zdenek) and here (Orol). I was on the top of Horka in JN79LP locator.
    Tomas Vlasim (The Czech republic) 73!


    • Ahoj Tomas, Thank you for writing and on
      I hope to be active from Velke Popvice and others this year on 446Mhz and handheld CB radio. I look to your blog it’s really excellent and super videos.

      Biggest Wishes to you, Jerry and the super PMR DX Men CZ

      Simon Ahoj 73s


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