Winter Field Day Preperation With WK1DS

What a great video indeed! Grace & Hope operating from the carport and showing how to attach a temporary ground to the Icom IC-7300. Congratulations to them and they operate better than very many I know many times there age. Wish them great fun times with the hobby

Published on Jan 19, 2017 Hope and Grace take the Icom IC-7300 out to the carport and install a temporary grounding rod as they practice for Winter Field Day. Hope then helps Grace get on the air and make a few contacts on the IC-7300.

The kids have invited several new hams, prospective hams, and experienced hams to come over for Winter Field Day, which is being held this year on January 28-29. They will help everyone put up antennas, get the IC-7300 hooked up and will mentor the new and prospective hams on the air. They also plan to help build some copper J-Pole and 450 ohm window line Slim Jim antennas for 2 meters.
Again congratulations to them..

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