CB Radio On A Bike

I love this video and it’s great to see CB on a bike. CB it can be used anywhere and this shows it well either with the President Randy II or indeed with the CRT One. I really wish TM062/2J4EZ some seriously good contacts as it’s great really to see the radio in action. And indeed both the Randy II and CRT One perfect for the job. Just brilliant indeed.

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  1. This brings back memories on cb in 80s, two 6v lantern batteries for 12V and DX27 helical whip mounted on bike rack for cb mobile great fun!
    Surprised the range I got on 4W only sometimes on high ground with bike as ground plane,good VSWR too.
    The cute CRT fits nice on handle bars too maybe a new trend in biking & cb,great vid find Si

    Rob 73’s


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