President Barry FM “Free UK Mainland Delivery”

This week at NevadaRadio the President Barry FM comes with free mainland U.K. Delivery and I think currently the cheapest UK price (till I’m told different) remember this one us FM only but comes with some hidden interesting stuff and indeed end of week we will have the report of what all the goodies are under the hood.

40 channels FM + FM UK

12 / 24 V

Up/down channel selector

Volume adjustment and ON/OFF

Manual and Auto Squelch (ASC)

Multi-functions LCD display


Public Address

Automatic Noise Limiter

F function key

Beep Function

Roger Beep

Mode switch FM + FM UK

Preset programmable

TOT (Time out timer)

Front microphone plug

External loudspeaker jack

Back light colour :Orange/Green/Blue

Dimensions H x W x D (in mm) : 45 x 125 x 175

Weight : 0.9 kg


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2 thoughts on “President Barry FM “Free UK Mainland Delivery”

  1. A nice little radio for sure but ‘FM only’ just isn’t going to sell in the UK.

    If you did just want FM (and get AM as a bonus) you’d probably buy the Albrecht 6110 or CRT One which are much cheaper.


    • Yep. But mostly remembered President sell across all markets so where AM is illegal too still. So if you sell all markets some you win, some you don’t. Better have all radios in each market whether sell or not if you understand me.


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