Asymod HP v2 Standalone

Lots ask about the radios that Asymod works with. This now maybe is going to be expanded  as the Asymod unit can be supplied it seems stand alone as the video below shows. How and what difference does this equipment make? Personally I’ve never heard them in air so can’t offer a comment

You can follow Asymod online via the Facebook page with lots of information too. If anyone has the Asymod make a video and share with me so I can feature here on the blog.

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  1. Interesting Audio gadget,I would like to see what the Am waveform looked like @200+% modulation on a calibrated RF Spectrum Analyzer\Comms Test set for the second and third harmonics dBC readings,while scopes show audio sine waves look OK,the proof is what does the final RF signal look like for spectrum purity at higher than normal Am modulations levels generally around the +90-100%,Simon before it would convince me to buy one.
    I did see in video a brief spectrum reading on the scope but was difficult to see exactly what it was reading on test gear measurement wise(sorry radio engineer mode kicked in)

    Not trying to sound to Negative on product but often we hear claims of ridiculous Am mod level stated with add on boxes and in reality they just generate rubbish signals or have very little effect apart from generating distortion.
    Its a very interesting method the manufacturer has used to do this but I would like to see a video showing this at 200%+ Mod levels into a Spectrum and distortion analyzer to see if it really does benefit this alternative audio processing and advantages as looks a beast of hardware involved,look like broadcast equipment add-ons in positive way.

    Perhaps the maker could do another video to show spectrum purity and indeed it may improve it over stock unit and can advertise that fact!?
    A bit more finishing off in final product internally needs to done ie no strip board,def looks interesting product Si for HiFI Am Buffs out there in CB land for sure!
    Nice one Si def interesting video and glad to see a manufacturer trying some thing new and a bit pro-end in Am world of cb!
    Please keep us updated on this product.
    Sounds USA product?




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