CRT 2000 12/24v Videos

Thanks go to CB users in Romania and Poland for the two videos below. Some contact me about not praising the CRT enough. What can I say? It is an excellent radio, sound quality is super, PC programming controls all the bands and this includes 10m/export and the power is also great in Ham and export mode. We know build quality is good, audio is excellent. If there is anything at all I’d criticise its the end user price. Several companies from mainland EU have told me they’ve struggled as the Apollo II is aggressively priced in comparison. This I cannot control of course. Most markets it is around €130 suggested price and I’d see it better at €99-€109 which lands it in the category of Apollo II. But we need of course to remember the costs are not so cheap of these radios and with warranty and all other things added in maybe it is not so easy to drop it. But, it’s a bloody good radio! That’s it.

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  1. I concur simon as am/fm radio go it superb and at the price there selling for worth every penny


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