President Andy AM/FM & Barry FM Final Score

With thanks to dealer J I can now finish the reports on the two radios above. The dealer has completed the modifications and the results are in for the radios. Plus I’ve found a white screen mode which appears to be in the engineer mode so not any need to mention. But the white screen would be a good option for the radio as it looks really quite ok actually.

Andy AM/FM Dealer Done

Low 26515-26955 AM Power 7/8 swinging 14. FM is 18.2 watts on Daiwa meter

Mids 26965-27405 AM Power 8 swinging 14.2. FM is 18.6 watts

Hi 27415-27855 AM Power 9 swinging 14.6. FM is 19.4 watts

UK 40 channels known as the “muppets” 19.5 watts

Barry FM Dealer Done

Lows 18.4 watts

Mids 18.7 watts

Hi 18.7 watts

UK 40 channels known as the “muppets” 19.4 watts

So that’s it. It needs to be dealer modified and that is my last thoughts on it really. Now it’s completed here about these radios. Both are working really well. Russian readers we will have news for you in February or March so please wait and see what we can tell you but maybe it is interesting for you.

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