Stryker SR-447 HPc2 Software

The best news for owners of this radio is that the software is now available. Below we’ve got the link for download and it’s got all the things you need to add the extra features to the radio. There are two ways to be able to program the radio. There is way 1 and for that you will need the SR-955HPC cable and connect to the radio via the micro USB at the back. Then you’ve got way 2! I’ve used this way but I don’t advise it unless you want to kill the radio and that is add the standard AT-5555 cable direct to the board and replace the plug that feeds the cable to the back.

Software Link:

Truthfully best way, use Sky Tronics or another trusted Stryker dealer and get the right cable and follow the driver installation process. For me, Windows 10 it worked first time.

Remember: First time you use it, read the frequencies from the radio and save them as your master copy. So, if mistakes happen you’ve got your back up sat waiting for you.

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