Midland M Mini “First Photos” €78.90

Markus from NeunerFunk teases us today via the Neuner Facebook page. Just a couple of days ago it was announced the release of the Midland M Mini and today Markus has got one piece which I guess must be a sample sat in his store and is comparing it a little between Albrecht AE-6110 and the Midland. Below are the photos from Markus and they are with his (c) copyright of course.

Looks very familiar shall we say… But the bracket and the two pin socket on the front for  he Bluetooth will be the kicker for this model. It’s amazing to me with the likes of Uniden, Qixiang, President and others nobody has Bluetooth and it’s Midland to lead the way? What do they know that the others can’t handle, can’t make cheaply maybe? Time is going to tell of course.

Photos (c) Markus Neuner

Link: http://tinyurl.com/jbnb788

If it is as predicted based on the Nanfone CB-583 then it’s got 4/8w and also 25.6-28.3 under the hood but really only time, energy and taking a look will confirm or deny this.

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