Uniden 5w UHF UH850s & Its President Adaptability*

Mention Uniden or President here and oh boy my email pings a lot. But I’ve seen this radio before and thought I’d mention this as a contender to being a President branded radio. But the question is why without a crystal ball would I think about this? Take a look below and see if you can find the reasons?

A: It’s got the style, the joie de vivre that President would have. Accessories are out there already so no reinvention needed.

B: Trouble is end this open mode 120 channels it’s past it’s last usable date. Instead go 26065-28305 with 0/5. 120 was good, it was an excellent idea but now open the borders, push the ideas. (If they’d take on job to make radio work on 26-28Mhz and not its current UHF status)

C: Voice Enhancer now that should be on all President radios. Kills stone cold the comments on too bassy, too trebly, no midrange in world of CB audio. Come on Mr Uniden EU you know they need it too I’m sure ūüėČ

D: It’s Uniden made, add Bluetooth and or PC Programming..

Good Battery, CTCSS all under the hood! It’s got the stuff people would actually need. Even looks like it has a battery eliminator too. Bundled with a Virginia, away you go.

And for a first time I’ve included a “selfie” Plus most of all a well done to Uniden anyway! Reason for adding the “designed and engineered in Japan” too many think you’ve given this up many years ago. It’s tradition and this should always be mentioned.

*If anyone can convince the investment to make the radio 26-28Mhz and not UHF as it is now.

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  1. Simon,
    I’m confused.
    The Uniden UH850s is an 80 Channel NB 476 – 477Mhz HT.

    But you make mention of 120 Ch and 26.065-28.305 Mhz also.

    Do you know something that we don’t know ?



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