Russia And CIS Countries To Receive President Barry AM/FM

While us in the west of Europe (EU Countries) have recently received the President Andy AM/FM and Barry FM in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) will have something a little different. In a few weeks time the Barry AM/FM will arrive to market with the same channels, same unlocked mode as the Andy is in the west of Europe just with the name of Barry instead of Andy. 

I’m asking around about the radio and if anything can be sourced then you’ll see it here. There is nothing to tell more than it’s Barry AM/FM in Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine & Russian Republics) and Andy AM/FM in the west of the EU. 

– 40 channels AM / FM 

– 12 / 24 V

– Up/down channel selector

– Volume adjustment and ON/OFF

– Manual squelch and ASC

– Multi-functions LCD display

– S-meter

– Public Address

– F function key

– Beep Function

– Roger Beep

– Mode switch AM / FM

– Preset programmable

– TOT (Time out timer)

– Front microphone plug

– External loudspeaker jack

Above is our estimate of what it can include (But we need wait now to see it online)

To keep a watch for the radio:

Moscow:    Belarus:

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova*, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine (These are CIS countries)
*Moldova (I’m not sure)

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