Stryker SR-94Hpc By “Rooster CB Radio”

Reviews are thin on the ground for the excellent SR-94 Hpc so it’s nice to see a small review from Rooster CB Radio in Idaho. Although not such a long look it let’s those of you still asking about the size etc a side by side to a Cobra radio. Thanks to Guy whose sent me the link via the contact form. Hope you’ll continue in the future again.

The modification is also featured here too but I’d suggest when you buy the radio whether online or in store ask your dealer to go ahead and do it for you.

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One thought on “Stryker SR-94Hpc By “Rooster CB Radio”

  1. Hi all , i have had my CRT 2000 which is the same radio for 4 months now and i am well pleased with the results .i have the full package ie software disc and mic adaptor .my radio is also modded for 25 to 30 mhz and its just a joy to use .its a shame that conditions have been poor , but other than that it kicks out locally when used mobile with a sirio 4000 megawatt .price i payed at the time for radio and software plus post was around £ 135 from a well know retailer here in the UK .many thanks simon hope to chat soon if skip allows 73’s de scott 108cb17


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