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Interesting news has arrived late from the U.K. But I’ve stayed awake to publish it here in the wee early hours of the day. As we know Groupe President Electronics offer top class warranty and repair service in Balaruc for its customers and indeed in the U.K. has centres I believe such as NevadaRadio who can carry out repairs. And now RPComms has joined the “approved list” with the information below.

Been hard at this, so official can supply parts from UK and help support President Radios, they can go to dealers for official Returns Warranty Repairs as normal, outside that can come to me.

I will be concentrating on part supplies to techs, repair shops to start with to get ball rolling.
They maybe some limited parts for general public to access,like knobs,front panels,cases,battery clip etc. Its early days yet and not sure how I deliver this, either thru website of mine or fb page?

So first on List is President Randy 2 support-as these will take a bashing in field a lot more than most.
Ive also got access to the complete service manuals so can cover repairs and parts.

Want to avoid the “screw driver brigade,on a kitchen table techs” getting access to internal parts and making a mess of things,so may be limited part access to general public, I will see how that goes, UK had its fair share of troubles in the past.

That’s the news from Rob directly. As many use Facebook you’ve got the link above to locate his page. We wish him great success and anything that can make the life of the CB’er easier has to be good? Some years ago I had a Superstar 3900 that Rob had modified and till today it was the best I’d ever owned so his credentials are good.

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  1. I use an Icom battery and drop in charger on my Randy 2 i wouldnt of known about it if it wasnt for Rob great upgrade good to know, all the best to him.


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