CRT Millenium CB

Detachable microphone and appears to be Nanfone based comes the CRT Millenium. Looking a little like the Midland Mini CRT have gone the extra mile which they are famous for and kept the detachable microphone for which many of us will thank them for sure.

This is true Nanfone, gone is the Bluetooth connection and comes detachable microphone, high power mode in open mode. Cost of around €69 it deserves to sell by the lorry load. A change of maker, away from QX to Nanfone. Now waiting to see this little beauty on sale. Congrats CRT! Always something interesting from you.

I tried to purchase one via CRT Express checkout and page collapsed after submitting PayPal request. So if you intend to get this via online CRT be aware the times I tried it collapsed and went white screen. So, I’ve given up just now.


Retried and worked, but last page confirmation failed. Soon online here “Millenium”


Mike Adapters:

We need to wait for the wiring diagram but sure Markus (Neuner) Przemek (Konektor5000) and Dougie (Knights) are some places to look for adapters down the line.

Open Mode Is there but works differently but most important is it’s inside.

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9 thoughts on “CRT Millenium CB

  1. I was using CRT MIKE in my car, last week I bought a CRT 2000 and today the Millenium is available?!?! CRT is F###ing fast!
    Nice to see a company so active!


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