President Lincoln II + USA “Extended Features”

Some who’ve recently bought the latest + USA version from the President Lincoln have found things a little different in the unlock process. Please guys check the Modifications area of the blog and all info is here and no need mail me. All I’ll do is send you the modifications link. Below once more is the link, have fun and great DX with the radio going forward. BUT I don’t have schematics so can’t help at all with these.

Charles, Angelo, Bud, Edward hope it helps you all

Above is the PC software. This allows extended memory functions on the radio. PC programming is available via the back of radio and cables such as Alinco DR-135DX, CRE8900 or Stryker SR-955Hpc will work. And you can if braver use an AT-5555 cable directly to the side of the CPU. Only do this if competent, it could be done for example when performing the modification for frequencies.

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